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Main European and American cars, the main products are General Chevrolet, General Buick series more than 400 varieties. The wide variety includes: doors, canopies, fenders, roofs, tail covers, tank frames, beams, pillars, engine protection panels, etc. The technology is ahead of its peers, the products sell well in the domestic market, and are exported to Europe, the Americas, and Russia. Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia and other countries.


Yangzhou Baican auto parts co.,LTD. is located in the northern suburbs of Yangzhou, a famous place with rich culture and beautiful scenery.
In the "integrity, compliance, and win-win" spirit of enterprise, "high-quality, high-quality, high efficiency," the product of the goal,
to achieve product from production to packaging and shipping to export one-stop.


Yangzhou Baican auto parts co.,LTD. is a manufactory located in Baoying country,Yangzhou city, Jiangsu province. A place with rich culture and scenic beauty. Which is the industry leader in committing to mold development, product production, technological innovation, etc.
Baican Auto is a professional manufacturer to product Chevrolet, Buick sheet metal body parts. lncluding: door, hood, fender, roof, trunk lid, radiator support, crossmember, pillar, side panel, tail gate and more.Mainly products are for European vehicles, USA vehicles, Korean vehicles and Japanese vehicles. The company has import and export trade management rights, can be independently exported, the products sell well in the domestic market……


Professional production of automotive sheet metal parts, automotive parts and other parts of the cover,
technology and technology leading in the same industry sincere cooperation, pioneering and innovative user supreme reputation worldwide

  • Warehouse



    We still have three-tier product warehouse to increase space, so we can control it by ourselves completely from the mould production line to packaging. Workers’ diligent and tireless working attitude and emphasizing every production detail make Baican the most unbreakable fortress in the future.
  • R&D Center& Term

    R&D Center& Term

    R&D Center& Term

    Baican takes technical research and development as its strong vitality, fully aware that it is the team work that shaped Baican brand and quality. In order to make our products more perfect, we have invited senior technical consultants, senior professionals and engineers to join us.
  • Workshops



    “Mind means scale, ideas lead to achievements, and attitude decides the accomplishment” Baican carries out quality management system with quality as its center, implements strict inspection and control in the whole production to make sure each product is excellent, seeking for greater perfection and trying to be better and better. Workers’ diligent and tireless working attitude and emphasizing every production detail make Baican the most unbreakable fortress in the future.
  • Equipment



    In Chinese saying: ”A beard well lathered is half shaved”. We believe right tool for the right job and a workman must sharpen his tools if he is to do his work well. We have introduced form both China and abroad the advanced automatic processing equipment and testing equipment such as numerical controlled milling machine, light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation(LASER), stamping production line, welding equipment production line, coating production line,etc.


Baican Prospect: To be china first class brand of metal body parts!

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    Honors & Advantage

    First-class management model, clear division of labor, orderly production

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    Special Service

    Three-story space warehouse is enlarged, products are arranged orderly and neatly, equipped with several freighters, advanced printers print marking products

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    Customer Marketing

    Adopt multi-faceted customer marketing methods, combining online and offline direct and indirect methods to fully meet the purchasing habits of different customers.

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    Customer is the foundation of enterprise survival. Customer satisfaction is our greatest recognition.

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    The company's latest electronic catalogue, electronic quotation, latest in line consultation, and exhibition will be obtained.



We promise: any issues of quality , we are responsible forever.

Add:Handan Industrial Park, Wangzhigang Town, Baoying County, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province